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Thursday, February 17, 2005


When do you need SCORM?

•You do want to be SCORM (1.3) conforming if:
•1. You want to design learning content that tracks learner performance and progress and adapts accordingly.
•2. You plan to use an L(C)MS to deliver and manage learning content.
•3. You are designing content that might be reused in other learning contexts
•4. You want to create a library of learning objects •

•You probably don't need to be SCORM conforming if:
•1. The content is short lived and won't be reused
•2. You never plan to use an L(C)MS to deliver and track content
•3. You do not have content that has complex behaviors such as remediation.
•4. You want only simple, static, hyperlinked content as reference material

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