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Thursday, February 17, 2005


The Training Foundation - SCORM in a teacup?

The Training Foundation - SCORM in a teacup?
by Dr Tabetha Newman
06 December 2002

Dr Tabetha Newman gives a clear explanation of what SCORM is and practical in-depth guidance on how you can implement this set of e-Learning standards.

You can think of the e-learning world as having three main components:

- Courseware - the e-learning programmes themselves, sometimes bought off the shelf.

- Authoring software - the programs that are used to create courseware.

- Learning Management Systems (LMSs) and Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs). These are the systems that manage the e-learning - they enable students to log in, they show students their allocated courses, they run the courses, record the scores, and produce reports for the training manager. They can have many other functions as well, but these are the main ones that we are concerned about here."

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