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Thursday, February 17, 2005


Demystifying SCORM - a Slide Show


• ADL envisions the time when a learner can obtain the precise knowledge, information and skills he or she needs – anytime, anyplace.

• This requires advanced technical capabilities that leverage the global information network. And, it requires research and development that leads to near term implementations of needed learning capabilities.

• As ADL developed its strategy, we saw the need for distributed libraries of learning knowledge that serve many communities of interest each in their own way, and that are connected. Such learning repositories will build upon one another creating an exponential growth of stored knowledge.

• To realize such a vision, certain technical issues must be dealt with. Technical standards are needed to enable the exchange, use, and reuse of learning content.

• ADL established high level technical requirements and then set about the task of building a reference model that would transform emerging technologies into a global eLearning delivery platform open to everyone.

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